Desktop Touch Screen Kiosk Model 8

Desktop Touch Screen Kiosk Model 8
Brand: Tactile Technologies
Product Code: Desktop Kiosk Model 8
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Introducing a series of desktop touch screen kiosks to your business store, outlet or franchise is a fantastic way to optimize customer experience, streamline your services, improve efficiency and eliminate queues, all the while educating, engaging and impressing your customers! From ticketing, check-in and surveys to exhibition, marketing and payment: a Model 8 desktop touch screen kiosk from Tactile Technologies can supercharge your business and empower you to sell more, with less dependence on staff.

Model 8 Desktop Touch Screen Kiosk: Features and Applications

Tactile Technologies’ Model 8 desktop kiosk is manufactured from durable and powerful 2mm powder-coated mild steel, enabling it to function beautifully in a host of challenging environments and public settings (both indoor and outdoor). This particular desktop model is available an optional 19-inch Elo brand Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screen monitor and an optional fanless (low noise output) 1.8GHz ATOM CPU computer.

Some of the applications of the Model 8 desktop kiosk from Tactile Technologies include:

  • Ticketing and payments for parking, movie tickets, etc.
  • Check-in arrivals at domestic and international airports
  • Intranet kiosks
  • Internet kiosks in malls, banks, airports and more
  • Touchscreen surveys (customer satisfaction, for example)
  • Queue management systems in banks, pharmacies, etc.
  • Exhibition kiosks
Material 2mm mild steel, powder coated
Model Tactile 19K1
Size 19"
Touch Technology Surface Accoustic Wave Technology
Computer (Optional)
Fanless Yes
CPU 1.8GHz ATOM Fanless CPU
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